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extract from a recent shamanic journey by Natasha.





Natasha Saltzer is the founder of Little River Shamanic centre and Shamanism retreats.  She is a Shamanic and Advanced level Energy field healer.  She teaches shamanic workshops and retreats internationally and offers one year shamanic practitioner training courses in the UK.   Natasha is a natural channel and is keeper to ancient celtic shamanic knowledge,  a unique body of teachings that have been gifted by spirit.


Natasha has trained intensively since 2003 in energy field healing and is is now a certified teacher, certified to teach Foundational level energy field healing.   She has also completed seven years of  intensive training in shamanism with Chris Luttichau at Northern Drum UK shamanic centre.  


As a creative her main training included, graduating from Brighton University with First class honours in Visual and Performance art and training at The Tamalpa Institute in movement-based expressive arts in California, USA.   At this time, she got to study with Daria Halprin, Ken Ward and G.Hoffman Soto and also the ground-breaking movement pioneer Anna Halprin. Natasha is co-author of 'The book of well being' and mother to her beautiful boy Bowden and step children Ben and Tabitha.

"Ride the energy of your own unique spirit."

Gabrielle Roth.

I have aways felt very different growing up, my natural way of being in the world seemed to be in conflict with society in general.  I was highly sensitive to energy and spirit as a child and it has been a long process to finally accept, that what makes me different is something to celebrate rather than hide away.


Through my own personal heath battle with ME/Chronic fatigue Syndrome, my creative and spiritual path took me ever closer, to reclaiming my authentic self and to learn to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have experienced first hand what I now refer to as 'The blessings of the broken path' that there is gifts and wisdom in adversity and sometimes we have to be completely broken apart, to be rebuilt in a truer version of ourselves, more deeply connected to our souls wisdom.


I have learnt to love the complexity of the human condition.  I believe we were not born to be perfect, we were born to be perfectly alive, to share ourselves fully with out fear and to accept our selves completely.  From a place of non-judgement...true freedom can be found.


I have felt called to work with others, to be a hollow bone, to allow the spiritual support that has greatly helped me in my life, guide me to how I can be of service today.  

Drawing on my own life-experiences, professional training and spiritual guidance I am passionate about helping others heal and transform themselves and their lives.




It is time for people to awaken, this is is the time. We have been weaving the dreaming for this change.  It will take those who are being called - to wake up and move through the fear and the conditioning. It is time for them to live their life purpose, do their work and live true to their spirit.


If you feel the calling, follow it's magnetism, wake up and surrender to its pull.  It will lead you to who you really are.