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Coronavirus Spiritual guidance preperation stage 1

Coronavirus Energetic shield meditation


Coronavirus spiritual guidance and link to Coronavirus Energetic Shield meditation channelled by Natasha Saltzer

I am a shamanistic facilitator, seeress and healer. I often perceive events ahead of time, receiving visions and psychic guidance to share with others. I feel compelled to communicate some advice and guidance with you regarding the Coronavirus. (N:B This is not medical advice as I am not a doctor or have any medical training and my sharing is based on my own experience and perspective as a spiritual teacher. For medical advice and treatment regarding the Coronavirus and Covid-19 please contact your doctor ) Perhaps though some of it you may find useful what I have to share?

My intention for sharing this is not to scaremonger but to assist and support people in helping themselves and others and to make and support decisions that could benefit us all, if we can help lessen the spread of the virus and people are a bit better prepared for and able to respond with responsibility, strength and balance for the challenges and changes coming.

I will share my recent dream and visions and also some practical advice and guidance given by spirit helpers and my own spiritual mentor Ahandra.

I had a dream three months ago that I believe may have been referring to the Coronavirus. (I had a dream about the twin towers before it happened and other important events etc in the past. So I do sometimes get........ dreams and visions.)

In this recent dream I was trying to warn people of ‘waves of water’ that were coming in from different directions that may affect the symbolic

‘foundation’ of our ‘homes’ (society) . For me the waves could have been symbolic of the Coronavirus, as this virus is spread on droplets of water.

The waves started small and I was trying to warn everyone to do their research as this was potentially a life threatening situation. Though in the dream everyone present was complacent and not believing the threat was significant. I knew that I needed to prepare myself. Then the waves got much bigger very quickly and they created loss of life.

The waves had rainbow light in them and I was told that “Man is unconscious”. I wonder if this challenging experience will also have the potential to create a new form of “awakening” for humanity for 'mankind' despite its potential for much loss and suffering? Hence even though the water was destructive it had rainbow light in it?

Yesterday I went on a shamanic journey into the not too distant future. I was just shown my own local town area. Though this could be a similar representation of other parts of the UK/world? I saw it as it was in lockdown. I received a message that the lockdown was inevitable and not a question of IF but WHEN and that very, very soon. Most people were in their homes or at the hospital. I saw the local hospital was full of people and there was not enough room for everyone. So there were people

waiting outside the hospital. Medical staff were working very hard in circumstances far from easy.

The message was that the future I saw in my vision was the ‘probable’ future, but as this Coronavirus pandemic has an unpredictable quality to it, it could be a little better outcome than this but could also be worse. What the guidance I received was, that there will be a lockdown and quarantine. Ideally prepare yourself for it with provisions of food and anything else you would need, but do this in a balanced way. Show solidarity and consideration of others needing supplies as well, especially those, who are in the risk group and or will be in quarantine at home. They could benefit from a helping hand, especially from the young and fit, organizing small support groups, asking on the internet who needs assistance with shopping. As food shops and pharmacies will have to function during the duration of the emergency period, buy what is needed, but with consideration for others also so that stocks last.

It's hard to predict timing. My personal sense is you may need to consider that the differentiated lockdown and the emergency protocols will be effective and last from at least a 3 weeks period to 3 months. The overall pandemic big wave could last up to 4 months though. But at the same time I’m sensing the ‘Coronavirus wave’ will hit hard but be over relatively quickly, as in my dream. So my timings of this are really hard to pin down! I saw the planet with the virus moving around the surface of the planet like dancing water and where the water waves peaked very high were where the most intense outbreaks will be and there will be some areas with only low peaks of the wave where the impact of the virus will be less.

My overall advice is firstly not to panic and to give in to fear. Focus on common sense, reliable information and your strength and resourcefulness for self for your loved ones, friends and everyone! Keep yourself as safe as possible. Safety requires good care for yourself and includes supporting the measures for the safety of others in our shared communities with goodwill to others. It’s transition time for everyone. Perhaps we will come out of this with greater solidarity born out of being solitary!

Share the burden and the wisdom in dealing with this extraordinary challenge and its multiple effects spreading as fast, and sometimes even faster, as the virus. Maybe you have more time on your hands to deepen your connections with others. Vulnerability will open and/or close hearts.

The perception is, that this unsettling event will be managed, as many are highly committed, and the call for unity and sharing will be powerful, even as the streets will be more empty than ever before. I hope that there will be more light, understanding and peace at the end of this tunnel.

It’s more important than ever to strengthen your immune system and do your best not to let stress affect negatively your immunity. Good preparations are a good idea. For example you may want to get some basic healthy food provisions and seek out professional advice for ways to boost your immune system. Research advice from health authorities in measures such as social distances outside of the home, hand gel use, hand washing, face masks that may help to limit the spread of the virus.

I am personally choosing to stay at home as much as possible during this pandemic and limit my social contact in person. As I sense that the next few weeks are when the virus is going to spread the most as it is going undetected amongst people who could be contagious even without symptoms yet. ( and there is no lockdown in place yet.) The more precautions taken NOW the lesser deaths and spread of the infection. Action needs to happen ASAP.

This is the guidance I am getting...You can use this time of home life to your advantage. Contemplate on what really matters in your life, allow new ideas to form and look at the world at large. What changes for the greater good could receive your support in the future. You may want to create worthy and inspirational experiences for yourself at this time of “retreat” and being in a more ‘being’ state. Music, meditation, writing, painting, dancing, yoga....Get some plants and seeds and start a small home growing garden, just as an example. Connections can still be made via the internet to keep social interactions going. (Those of you who are energy workers and healers that know how to send healing remotely and do distant healing you may wish to prepare yourself to be of service in the times ahead should you wish?)

Trust that every difficult and painful teaching given by the universe may have a higher purpose and seek what positivity can be born from this. What good could come out of this?

Though we may be forced apart in the physical sense. This experience may offer us a greater sense of our interconnectedness and shared humanity and open our hearts further to each other . We are all in this together, every race, every class, every religion or spiritual path. We are all related.

I plan to create more channelled information/meditations in the coming days/weeks to support you, this will be done in collaboration with Ahandra. To stay connected join the mailing list here http://www.littleriver.eu/join/4575216553 or follow my page https://www.facebook.com/Littlerivershamaniccentre/


Above is a short meditation to help bring greater peace to the listener and assist in bringing additional defence against the Coronavirus in the form of an energetic shield for yourself, home and loved ones. This information was also shown to me in my Future vision. (Please note this meditation aims to assist in offering additional protective support only on an energetic and spiritual level and not immunity!) Channelled by Natasha Saltzer.

Music: ‘Angels of Healing’ by Thaddeus. Used with permission. For more information or to order, visit www.orindaben.com