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"I felt so different when I got up this morning. Light is a good description. My head feels light, my neck feels better and so does my head."



"Where so ever you go, go with all your heart."

Shamanic -energy field healing testimonials




"I just want to say that the healing work that you did for me was profoundly amazing. I really was blown away by it, and talked about it with my friends a long time after coming back to England.  I felt as if someone (you) had come along and really tapped into my true self, in an incredibly instinctive and insightful way.


I had no idea of what to expect from the healing, as I've never had anything like that before, but the things that you picked up on about me were really spot on - I couldn't believe how accurate some of the images were that you saw in your mind's eye about things in my life.   It was  extraordinary.  Not only was your reading of me very accurate, but you also gave me some really special and invaluable advice. Thank you."




"Natasha's healing profoundly effected the growth of my soul,  I noticed so many changes after her work. The session brought me to a relaxation so deep, never experienced before. Supported and safe, The love and sense of knowing set me emotionally back towards my true self, I had previously known so well.


Her supportive soft nature and intuitive sensibility allows you to open to experience a higher vibration of you whilst feeling safe and earthed.


I am deeply grateful for her gift."


"Natasha has been invaluable helping me get through stage IV cancer.  As a healer she has helped with the damage caused by chemotherapy and has also given excellent advice about detoxification and nutrition."


Nothing is too much trouble, she has given me encouragement and belief and her shamanic journeys have been completely accurate.


"I was impressed by how you could pick up on my health concerns without my telling you. After 28 years the problems with my foot have cleared. I believe your healing contributed to this. Thank you."






Natasha has been giving distance healings to me for quite some time now, and I am so  grateful. Having had quite severe mental health difficulties, no amount of medication or treatment seemed to be working. Until Natasha stepped in, my family and i were at a complete loss. However it is through these miraculous healing sessions that i am able to find peace in both mind and body. After one session with Natasha there was an incredible difference.

Besides the gift Natasha has, she has such a beautiful, kind hearted soul whose skill can bring lightness to both emotional and physical illness.

I could never thank Natasha enough for all she has done to help. THANK YOU!





"Natasha has a beautiful gift with her soul retrieval and healing talent I~ the healing I received has totally changed my life my heart and my relationship with my inner child my inner Angel ~ higher self and Great Spirit ~ She has been so compassionate, supportive and kind mostly patient with me.


I finally released my trauma that no one else seemed to be able to help me with as much as they tried with so much kindness compassion and grace. For some reason soul retrieval with energy field healing efh seemed to get to the root that lay hidden very deep within ~ she helped me to relax and explained it can be just as intense to let go of the trauma as it was having the trauma stuck go breathe and let it go love into it ~ there was the aha moment so I finally surrendered and my healing process commenced.



I now feel very calm so at peace and there is a hope again for my present and future ~ finally I can live again in my own true light and shine as I was born to be.


Thank you Natasha you are very blessed with your gifts and I am forever grateful ~ May you be blessed and abundant."