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Little River Shamanic centre is thrilled to invite you to the Advanced level Shamanic Practitioner training programme 2018-2019  held in Sussex, UK and led by Natasha Saltzer.  The programme consists of six modules, five weekend modules and one 6 night residential.  This inspirational and transformative training programme is open to all Little River graduates of the Foundational Level Shamanic Practitioner training programme. The training will combine shamanism in both its contemporary and traditional forms, energy field healing and subtle energy awareness teachings.  Deposit of £100 secures your place. Or contact info@littleriver,eu if you would prefer to make bank transfer?
The Advanced Level Shamanic Practitioner training programme.
The one year foundational level shamanic practitioner training programme is a unique developmental course that combines a blend of traditional and contemporary shamanism, subtle energy awareness teachings and movement-based expressive-arts.  There is an emphasis on 'experiential' learning that is taught in a safe and grounded way by the founder of Little River shamanic centre, Natasha Saltzer.  The programme is designed to awaken you to your souls calling, develop your skills as a shamanic practitioner.and help you restore balance and harmony to all areas of your life and self.
WAY OF THE WILDFLOWER, introduction to Shamanism , two day workshop, with Natasha Saltzer.
East Sussex, 8th and 9th of September 2018 WAY OF THE WILDFLOWER - INTRO TO SHAMANISM WORKSHOP
Buy a signed copy of The Book of Well-Being.  Read the inspirational chapter written by Natasha Saltzer, How chronic Illness and life trauma can be spiritual awakening and a shamanic initiation. £10.00 plus £2.99 postage and packaging.
The Book of Well Being, co-written by Natasha Saltzer.
A one hour healing session with Natasha Saltzer or a Distant Remote healing session.
Shamanic Energy Field Healing
A 1 hour Remote Shamanic and energy field healing session with Natasha with Feedback. Please email info@littleriver.eu to arrange suitable time slot. This session will require client to lay down during the session, in a place  you will not be disturbed and Natasha will tune in remotely, long distance, to conduct the healing session.
A Space healing session for your home or office with Natasha Saltzer.  Prices range from £199.00 -- £350.00 depending on size/difficulty of property and if team of healers is required - Graded A- C, depending on what difficulty grade your property falls under. (Remote Space Healing £150.00 - £275.00)
Space Heaing
In person at Little River Shamanic Healing Space or over the phone -  30 mins or 60 mins.
Spiritual Guidance Psychic Reading

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