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Summer Solstice Shamanic workshop
Summer Solstice Shamanic workshop and ceremony.
WAY OF THE WILDFLOWER - A two day transformational introduction to Shamanism workshop in Pett, East Sussex.
Way of the Wildflower - Sussex Intro to Shamanism workshop. July 4th -5th 2020.
Little River Shamanic centre warmly invites you to join Natasha Saltzer on the one week all-inclusive retreat  ‘FREEDOM OF THE BUTTERFLY’.   Dates: TBA Coming soon  The retreat is open to all levels of experience and all our welcome.
'FREEDOM OF THE BUTTERFLY.' Shamanic retreat in West Sussex, UK
Buy a signed copy of The Book of Well-Being.  Read the inspirational chapter written by Natasha Saltzer, How chronic Illness and life trauma can be spiritual awakening and a shamanic initiation. £10.00 plus £2.99 postage and packaging.
The Book of Well Being, co-written by Natasha Saltzer.
Choose from list the healing session with Natasha Saltzer you require?  Payment in cash on the day or by bank transfer is also a possibility.  The 90 minute session is recommended for more indepth work.
Shamanic Energy Field Healing
A 1 hour Remote Shamanic and energy field healing session with Natasha with Feedback. Please email [email protected] to arrange suitable time slot. This session will require client to lay down during the session, in a place  you will not be disturbed and Natasha will tune in remotely, long distance, to conduct the healing session.
A Space healing session for your home or office with Natasha Saltzer.  Prices range from £199.00 -- £350.00 depending on size/difficulty of property and if team of healers is required - Graded A- C, depending on what difficulty grade your property falls under. (Remote Space Healing £150.00 - £275.00)
Space Heaing

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