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Are you ready to live your most natural self and live a path of heart?  

Are you ready to liberate yourself from old ways of being that no longer serve you?

Are you ready to become the highest potential of your souls calling?



"Natasha is conscientious and full of passion for her calling. Anyone who sits in circle with her will benefit from her teachings, guidance and support - all much needed teachings in today's world!" Nadia Hosein.."






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The seven weekend modules will be held at Pett village hall, Pett, East Sussex, Saturday and Sunday, 10.30am - 5.30pm each day. The six night residential intensive will be held at Toad hall, Swilland, Suffolk.




October 14th-15th 2107, November 4th-5th 2107. (Pett village hall, non residential, East Sussex)

January 6th-7th 2018. (Pett village hall)

February 9th at 8pm - 15th at 4.30pm 2018 ( Toad hall, residential in Suffolk)

March 3rd - 4th 2108, May 5th-6th 2018, June 2nd-3rd 2018, July 14th-15th 2018. (Pett village hall)



The Foundational level Shamanic practitioner programme with Natasha Saltzer.  Open to all levels of experiences


Are you looking for a life enhancing and transformational healing programme?  To be part of an on-going, heart centre circle of like-minded people?  Natasha Saltzer is leading her unique developmental programme in East Sussex and Suffolk, a transformational programme that combines traditional and contemporary shamanism, energy-field healing and subtle energy awareness teachings.


The Foundational level shamanic practitioner programme is designed to awaken you to your souls calling, develop your skills as a shamanic practitioner and help you restore balance and harmony to all areas of your life and self.   There is an emphasis on 'experiential' learning that is taught in a safe and grounded way by the founder of Little River shamanic centre, Natasha Saltzer.



The journey is one of self discovery that will open you to your highest serving potentials. As a participant you will be encouraged to dedicate the duration of the training to self healing, learning to take more self responsibility and opening up to greater levels of self love and in doing so becoming the pure hollow bone for divine spirit to work through. You will be guided to awaken the healer and shamanic practitioner within yourself and to align yourself to living a path of beauty.


The training will also include teachings in the realm of subtle energy awareness, this awareness helps us understand the world of energy and how it flows through both ordinary and non ordinary reality and the seen and the unseen. Through greater awareness of the reality of this world of energy we live in. the more equipped we are to deal with life's challenges and embrace life's opportunities. We can begin to flourish as human brings and heal on every level physical, emotional, mental and spiritually.




The programme also offers an opportunity for you to learn foundational level shamanic and energy field healing techniques to equip you to safely carry out healing on clients, friends and family.  Feeling empowered to help your loved ones, through the art of healing, is an amazing gift to give yourself and your community and should you wish to become a professional shamanic practitioner, you will become certified to do so as well.  


So whether it is to learn more about shamanism and earth based spirituality for your own personal growth or to train to become a professional shamanic practitioner,  this programme has the potential to be life changing on many different levels.


Natasha believes that our greatest teachers are Great spirit, Mother earth and our own souls wisdom.  She facilitates the weaving of the different elements of study in a way that supports these key relationships, so that they can be awakened and strengthened.

Stone Spiral



* A combination of traditional and contemporary shamanic medicine teachings and working with the medicine wheel

* Celtic shamanic teachings, a unique body of work channeled by Natasha from her ancestral guides

* Shamanic healing techniques to include Soul retrieval, extraction, working with the drum, feather and rattle

* Energy -field healing techniques

* Subtle energy awareness teachings

* Power songs

* Shamanic journeying

* Plant and tree medicine work (please note that on this training we only work with plant medicine on a spirit, energetic level,  not through ingesting, i.e like in ayahuasca ceremonies)

* Working with power animals

* Dreaming skills

* Ancestor work

* Spirit guides

* Self healing techniques

* Meditation

* Movement based expressive arts for self healing and integration/grounding of spiritual knowledge/shamanic experiences and creative processes to help support your spiritual awakening and to activate ones 'life spark'

* Shamanic ceremonies

* Outdoor shamanic work in various locations, sea, forest, cliff tops, cave etc.


There comes  a time in everyones soul journey, a moment of complete clarity, when you say .....yes......yes to who you really are.

Open to all levels of experience.

Shamanism is the most ancient form of spiritual practice known to humans, over 40,000 years old and it also offers a solid foundation to anchor the contemporary,  high vibrational spiritual knowledge, coming to us in these times. Shamanism is the ability to gain wisdom, healing, guidance from communion with both the physical and the spirit world, that ideally promotes health and well-being for one self and others. There are many forms this communion can take place, from shamanic journeying, dreams, plant medicine work to ceremonial ritual and meditation.  Shamanism is a way of life, where a commitment is made to walk more the beauty path, to walk with balance between two worlds; ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality, earth and heaven, the seen and the unseen, the natural and the super-natural.




We live in changing times, the potential for us as a collective of human beings, to shift to a new level of higher consciousness, is at a pivotal point in human history. We are at the threshold of a quantum leap of human potential and growth, yet at the same time we are experiencing a time of  global  turmoil.   There is a movement happening and an energetic calling, where light workers, healers, activists, shamans, empaths and the creatives are being called to fully awaken and align themselves with their life purpose and soul contract for this life time.  This training programme aims too help others awaken to their own unique soul contract and to help them live their authentic life purpose and discover their reason for choosing to incarnate at this generational time.




"It was powerful to share experiences with like minded people, the laughter and the tears, to be feel safe enough to be open and allow healing and transformation to take place.  Natasha was very gifted in tuning in to what the group needed. I would hugely recommend this experience." V.N


"It is hard to put into words how the magic worked. I feel like a new person.  I learned a great deal about shamanism and have a longing to return to the forest and the hills for some more teachings."  P.N


"Natasha has a kind soul and a deep compassion to help others. Natasha's year's of training in shamanism is a credit to her and her ability to share that with others, in the wonderful way she does." M.H


Cost for training programme:  

Full price: £1580.00.  Deposit: £100.00  (Option to pay  instalments, £480 to be paid by October 1st 2017 and then £100 each month for ten months).  Early bird: Book on before July 5th 2017 and receive a £100 discount.  There is also a discounted helper place, for those in financial hardship/benefits please enquire for more information.


After completing the one year foundational training, should you wish you can progress on to the advanced shamanic training programme.

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